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Plan Overview / Benefits

Extra conviction needs to be given to employees to enhance productivity and improve retention. A loan protection for employees is a step towards better employer-employee relationship. Under this scheme, the loans provided by the employer to employees for the purpose of housing, transport etc. are covered by EFU Life. A unique mix of being offered a loan from one’s own company as well as having it insured offers peace of mind to the employee and an increased commitment to the Company. So let your employees enjoy that latest car, luxury home, higher education for children or the family trip to exotic resorts with complete peace of mind.

The following features of the Credit Life Plan makes it an essential for all credit facilities offered by an employer:

  • High value of employee loyalty and retention may be achieved.
  • The insurance premium is nominal compared to the loan amount.
  • Premium rates can be built in the rates charged for the loan.
  • Premiums are treated as allowable expense for tax purposes.
  • Lump sum repayment of loan in case death or disability occurs. The family is not burdened with repayments of loan in case of death or disability of the borrower.
  • Employee shall be covered upto 60 years of age.
  • “Profit sharing” with groups having minimum of 200 members.
  • Riders

    The EFU group life scheme gives institutes the facility to tailor the package to their specific needs by choosing from a comprehensive range of additional benefits available. All covers are available on a 24-hours worldwide basis and include both on-duty and off-duty risks. Even though the additional benefits are subject to some exclusions, the basic life benefit is exclusion free and shall be payable in any case. Acts of terrorism such as fire-arm, murder, assault and assassination are covered.

    • Accidental Death Benefit

      The benefit provides an additional indemnity in the event of accidental death.

    • Accidental Disability Benefit: (own and similar occupation)

      The benefit provides for the full payment of the basic sum assured if the permanent and total disablement by accident prevents the member from following his own occupation or any other similar occupation for which he is reasonably suited by reason of education, training or experience.

    • Accidental Disability Benefit: (any occupation)

      The benefit provides for the full payment of the basic sum assured if the permanent and total disablement by accident prevents the member from following his occupation or any other occupation.

    • Natural Disability Benefit

      This benefit provides for the payment of the full sum assured if permanent disability is caused by natural causes.

  • Data Requirement

    The basic data requirement from the employer is the list of employees showing the names, dates of birth, employee code or any other unique id and CNIC number.

    In case of uniform coverage no further details are required.

    In case of graded coverage linked with salaries, designation, length of service or any other variable than details of the same shall have to be provided for each employee. The information is required to calculate sums assured and will be required at each renewal date.

    Timely adjustments of fluctuations (additions or deletions) can be made if the turnover of employees is communicated along with names, dates of birth, CNIC numbers and date of leaving or joining.

  • Service Standards

    At EFU Life we strive to provide you excellent services and serve you beyond your expectations. Having a friendly customer service and a dedicated sales force, we ensure you of the best of our attention at all times.

    We have set up stringent service standards so that we may satisfy our customers consistently

    • Claim Settlement within 3 days of submitting claim documents
    • Service response to business queries within 2 working days
    • ISO 9001-2008 certified operational procedures to ensure optimal quality services
    • Well-trained staff with strong insurance background
    • Preparation of quotations within 2 days of quotation request from customer