EFU Star Performer – May 2013

Abdul Rasheed Vehvaria

Executive Senior Business Manager


I started my sales career in EFU Life as a sales consultant in the year 1999, and have an association with this Company for more than 12 years. I feel proud to be the Top Sales Consultant of the Company five times in my total career span within EFU Life and I currently hold the position of Executive Senior Business Manager, a senior position in sales. The year 2012 has been a shining year for me. In Feb 2012 my professional performance was recognize and I was honoured with the Life Time Membership for MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).


To believe in change is the only habit in me which is self motivational. I always accept new challenges and try to achieve with sincere efforts. I strongly believe in self analysis, it is an in-depth analysis to help you reflect on your career development.


My profession has been my motivation, insurance helps to improve the living standards of a society and we as sales representatives are motivated to establish a prosperous society.


To remain competitive in this increasingly competitive world you need to face challenges with great determination. It is the team work that helps us improve our performance every year and time management also plays an important role in our career success. One should master the present, believe in change and have faith in himself! As the saying goes It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice!

Best Wishes

Abdul Rasheed Vehvaria
EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd
Karachi Merewether
Mobile# 03002039080