EFU Star Performer – April 2011

Muhammad Waseem Gauhar

Senior Executive Sales Consultant


I did my MBA (Marketing) in 1997 and served many FMCG companies till 2008. Before joining EFU in August 2008, I was working as a Regional Sales Manager in a leading food company of Pakistan. Joining EFU was totally an accidental decision as this field was entirely different from my previous experiences. Selling insurance policies in a market where less than 10% breadearners are insured was definitely a tough job but on the other hand I realized the fact that a huge market of more than 90% is still untouched. This reality gave me confidence and a positive direction. Now I have spent nearly 3 years with this company and have no regrets on my decision to be a life insurance professional.


I wanted to become a fighter pilot but due to some personal reasons i wasn’t able to join PAF but my love for airplanes is still young. Collecting models and pictures of fighter planes is my favorite hobby. I like to watch action and war movies also. Cricket is my favorite game but nowadays it is limited to be seen on TV only. Reading newspapers and discussing current affairs are also my areas of interests.


Working with the market leader is really a matter of pride for any professional. In my 14 years of professional career, I have worked with many leading companies of Pakistan but working with EFU Life is really a unique experience for me. For the first time I am feeling that I am doing something good for others. Working with a company who has earned confidence and trust of 3 generations is really a main source of motivation for me. I am very lucky to have full support from my seniors whose positive guidance is an asset for me. It is their support and motivation that helped me to materialize a life policy with the annual premium of Rs. 2.85 million in Dec 2010.


Working with a life insurance company is not a job; its a service for the humanity. Providing financial solutions for the rainy days is really a noble work which we insurance people do. It is my message to those who have just started their careers with EFU Life that don’t get confused and de-motivated with the negative response from the market because strong and opposite winds help falcons to fly higher and higher.

Best Wishes

Muhammad Waseem Gauhar
EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd
Karachi Garden Branch