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We continuously strive to find ways to provide improved and more efficient services to our esteemed clients. An important way of providing better services is to offer prompt access of vital policy information for the convenience of our clients. Keeping this in mind, we have added the “Mobile Alert Services”.

Simply put, by utilizing this service, we would be;

  • reminding clients about their policy renewal one month before its arrival;
  • sending them a confirmation upon receipt of premium payment;
  • keeping them informed about any amendment in their correspondence details;
  • acknowledging their application for a new policy;
  • updating them upon issuance of a new policy; and finally;
  • sending greetings on their Birthday;

All above and a lot more will be sent directly on the mobile phone through a text message.

The best part of this “Mobile Alert Service” is that it is FREE OF COST.

If as a client you have not utilized this service yet, we would highly recommend you to take advantage of this service right now. All you have to do for availing this Free of Cost Service is to provide us your mobile number and email address.

Further, to avoid missing out on this useful free service, we would request you to ensure that you keep us updated in case of any changes in your contact information.

For clarification or assistance, please call at our Client Services Call Centre on 021-111-EFU-111(111-338-111) or send us an email at