EFU Star Performer – Dec 2011

Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal

Exec. Sr. Business Manager


I was introduced to EFU Life in February 1999 by Mr. Moazzam Bashir Kamal and since then EFU Life has been like a family to me. During my journey in this Company I was given the task to lead the branch. Mr. Taher G Sachak has been a great inspiration for me which helped me achieve my high set goals. I have also qualified for MDRT nine times consecutively.


My hobbies are playing cricket, traveling and hoteling. I am a very social and caring person, a quality I inherited from my father. One of my interests since childhood has been to help people. All my hobbies and interests have been a driving force for me in my life insurance profession.


I am a great believer and executor of what I get to learn from my seniors. Mr. Moazzam trained me in this profession and Mr. Tanveer Ahmad was always there to guide me through this journey and it was his wish that I should become top sales consultant of the Company. My motivation has always been to be among the winners and to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle to my family. I have worked really hard to achieve my goals and Allah has always helped me through it. I believe life insurance is the best service that can be provided to mankind.


Understand the worth of this business, always be honest, hard working, caring and carry a positive attitude. Never lose hope and always believe in yourself and your Company, I can assure you can get anything you have ever dreamt of.

Best Wishes

Muhammad Shahbaz Iqbal
EFU LIFE Assurance Ltd
Lahore Ravi
Mobile# 0300-8491630